How to monitor,analyze and limit the bandwidth of devices on your local network

By | August 7, 2021

Evil Limiter is used to monetize, analyze and limit the bandwidth of the users present in your network, The advantage of Evil Limiter is we don’t need administrator privilege to monitor the users.

You need a Linux System (kali/Ubuntu etc..) with python3 or higher to run this tool.

Evil Limiter uses the ARP packet to limit connection speeds that are present in IPv4 networks, but not in IPv6 networks. Because of this, IPv6 systems are out of reach of this tool.


  • Scan the hosts present in the network
  • Limit bandwidth(upload /download) of user
  • Block internet access of the user
  • Monitor bandwidth usage of the user etc…

Install Evil Limiter:

git clone

cd evillimiter

sudo python3 install

To Run Evil Limiter:

To run Evil Limiter on your device type evillimiter in cmd


You can explore the functionalities of evillimiter by typing ? or help in cmd.     

Scan Devices:

To find the Devices present on the network type Scan.

The scan will pull up all the devices present in the network.

List Devices:

To list out all the hosts present in the network type hosts.

The above figure, it showing the devices present in the network their IP address, and their status.

Limit Devices:

To limit any selected devices use the cmd limit 1,2,3 200kbit, if you want to specify the uploading or downloading limit of the devices use the parameter limit –upload or limit –download.

To limit all the devices present in the network type limit all

Block Devices:

To block a device, type the block command, then the ID of any device you want to prevent from receiving data over the network.

To block all the devices present type block all.

Monitor Devices:

To monitor the bandwidth usage of users that we added a limit.

Type monitor, it will show the live upload and download bandwidth and packets received by the user.

Analyze traffic of hosts:

Analyze traffic of hosts without limiting to determine who uses how much bandwidth type analyze 2 –duration 120, here 120 determines 120 sec.

Watch Devices:

If any hosts reconnect to another IP address it will show it in the host’s reconnection watchlists. 

To do that type:

watch add 3,4 — to add hosts to the watchlist.

watch set interval 120 — to see the host’s watchlist.

watch remove 3 — to remove hosts from the watchlist.

Restore devices to Normal connection:

To make the devices as normal as before type free all.

It will remove all the devices from a limited or block state.

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