Ransomware Attack using Metasploit

In this article, we will be learning how to do a Ransomware attack on the Victim using Metasploit. Requirements: Parrot OS or Kali Linux or any Linux machine with Metasploit installed. Windows 7 installed in VM. Ransomware Builder: U can download Ransomware builder from here. http://www.mediafire.com/file/rpeo9mwl59rlwe7/ransomware_builder_pack.rar/file First, we need to create Ransomware and its key… Read More »

Top 10 Operationg Systems for Ethical Hackers and Penetration testers

Hackers have to good knowledge in Linux, it has a collection of tools that will use while doing pen-testing. These are the top 10 Operating Systems used by hackers and penetration testers. Kali Linux: Kali Linux is the most widely used operating systems, developed by Offensive Security as the rewrite of  BackTrack, The Debian based… Read More »

Top 10 Vulnerable websites for penetration testers

Hacker has to good knowledge of how Web applications work before he going to find the vulnerabilities in them, He has to be a good knowledge on Linux Operation Systems.  To Practise Web application Penetration testing, Here are some Vulnerable Websites, where we can pentest the website rather than doing on live websites. 1.BWAPP: BWAPP… Read More »

what is Nmap | How to Install Nmap | How to use Nmap?

What is Nmap? Nmap is short for Network Mapper, it is an open-source Linux command tool that is used to scan IP addresses and ports in a network and the services running in the ports. Nmap is used to find which devices are running on the network, discover open ports and services, and detect Vulnerabilities.… Read More »